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  • My training includes a bachelor's degree with honor in health and physical education from Brock University. 

  • I have a diploma in applied holistic nutrition from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition. I am a certified Holistic Nutritionist. 

  • I have more than 2 Years consulting 1 on 1 and conducting public workshops, since owning this business, Sam's Wellness. 

  • I am active and passionate about sport nutrition! I have been a competitive athlete my whole life, playing varsity for Brock Women's Volleyball and Women's Cross-country. I still compete is running races, completing 2 half-marathons, currently still running 5k & 10k. 

  • I enjoy meeting with people to hear their story, share ideas and discuss living a natural lifestyle. 


“How can food not be medicine? Your entire body is made out of light, oxygen, water, and nutrients. Nothing else. According to nature, drugs are not part of making human body's that already work. No one has ever had a drug deficiency. We throw drugs at problems to suppress symptoms but that is not fixing the cause. We can fix the cause by coming back aligned with nature. People aren't well, they're either out of line with their awareness, life energy, inspiration, movement, relationships, or the big picture.” 

– Udo Erasmus (author of "Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill")