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Meet with Certified Nutritional Practitioner Samantha Guyatt, CNP. 

Graduate of The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, Brock Badger Alumni & local postal worker. 

Samantha specializes in food and wellness advice for an active lifestyle. With both athletic, academic and clinical experience, your guidance comes well-rounded. 




Samantha was born into a sport-filled household, looking up to her father and brother in their hockey endeavours and her mother's academia. She is an honour role jock, loves exploring new information and training hard! At a young age Sam competed at a rep level for soccer, later falling in love with volleyball where she won OFSAA with her highschool team, won Provincials with her rep team and then competed at university with the Varsity Women's volleyball team as a Brock Badger. During university Sam fell in love with running, so she joined the varsity women's running team, here she completed her 1st half marathon, 2 years later completing her second. During summers in-between school semesters she flew out West to plant trees, planting thousands of trees per day competing for a high wage. Settling in Hamilton years later Sam started her own business 'Sam's Wellness' running nutrition seminars at the local libraries and meeting with clients at her downtown office with Doctor Lisa Tabrizi & Associates. Closing that chapter, she opened a new one converting the business into a product-line/health blog with her now partner Brian Paris. Nature IS Health is proud to offer nutrition sessions with Samantha primarily focusing on tips and advice for active lifestyles. Today, between delivering at work, filling orders and tending to the garden, Sam's Fitbit tally is 18-22km per day!


Samantha is happy to accept new clients who are interested in the following:


  • How to improve athletic performance

  • How to heal and prevent injury

  • Ideas to improve diet- such as how increase nutrient quality of everyday meals 

  • Ideas to improve diet- such as how to adjust macronutrients to ensure you are getting enough quality protein, fat and carbohydrates

  • How to introduce more and select the healthiest plant foods, and how to improve digestibility 

  • How to introduce more and select the healthiest animal foods to improve overall health 

  • Learn new cooking techniques

  • Learn new sustainable practices in the home 

  • Explore new brands at your local shopping centres, learn about reading labels and ingredients to watch-out for

  • Improve overall balance, energy, strength and health within the body 


Do you or someone you know struggle with pain, inflammation, excess/under weight, hormonal imbalance, gut pain, headaches, general feelings of being off? Perhaps it is time to take a quiz and regain your balance! Contact us for more information! 



Mini $55.00 

(30min-1hr, depends on how much you have to say!)


Full $100.00 

(Would recommend for the first meeting.)






Appointment times are available evenings and weekends.

There are only a few appointment slots available per week, therefore booking in-advance is greatly appreciated!