ELIXIRS - creamy fabulous concoctions.

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Have you heard of the term "bulletproof"?

What about elixir?

Churning fat, like butter, milk, cream, cocoa, into herbal preparations has been a traditional practice ~ like "po cha" (used butter or yak milk) in Tibet & "chai" (use milk/cream) in India.

An elixir is a concoction that is concentrated with nutrients- usually used to heal and balance the body, and it is commonly in a liquid preparation.

Below are some of my favourite concoctions.

These recipes are versatile, choose your favourite milk and sweeteners.


Choose antioxidants from the following..

  • Tea: black, rooibos, matcha, chai

  • Coffee

  • Cocoa / cacao

  • Chaga and other mushroom teas

  • Toasted dandelion roots and other toasted root teas

Make it creamy: choose from the following..

The quality of these ingredients will determine their nutritional value. For example animal products from grass-fed cows will contain higher proportions of omega fatty acids, organically grown things will contain less chemical residue, etc.

  • Whole milk, cream, butter or ghee

  • Homemade or store bought plant milks like almond, cashew, oat..etc.

  • Cocoa, cocoa butter

  • Coconut, coconut oil

Try blending the creamy ingredients or heating them on the stove to get a latte effect.

Spice it up? Why not make it a superfood latte with one of these antioxidant options? Add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of the following...

  • Ceylon cinnamon- one of the highest plant sources of silica and great for balancing insulin response.

  • Nutmeg- calming, soothes digestion, source of minerals, antifungal.

  • Maca root- hormone balancing, improves energy and stamina.

  • Sea salt- alkalizing and a source of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, tastes nice balanced with a sweetener.

  • Unpasteurized honey- sweet and contains active compounds, supports immunity.

  • Turmeric- anti-inflammatory and adjusts the taste-buds for balanced digestion.

  • Cardamon- one of the most expensive spices in the world! Beneficial for digestion, immune and contains antioxidants known to promote beauty.

  • Sweetener- head over to this post here to select the healthiest sugar for your home.

I like these drinks when I have to prolong a fast, run out of food, am on the run or it's too early or late for food.. or as a dessert!