Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Hi everyone,

Friends & family sending warmth through the holiday season + looking forward to the new year.

This has been an amazing year for Nature IS Health and we are pumped to see what comes next.

Some goals for 2021:

  • Launching in some more Hamilton stores, soon! Stay tuned!

  • Donating a percentage of our profits to a local charity centered around positive environmental movements.

  • Planning our spring/summer garden to expand our homegrown ingredient listing. This is very important to us!

product launches since our last NOV UPDATE.

  • TONER TIME! - a pH balancer and after shave. This toner is infused with lemon and evergreen and has skin loving ingredients like witch hazel, fresh aloe jelly and local honey.

  • HONEY SERUM - a serum with the face in mind. This is an aloe and honey-based serum, versus an oil-based like our other serums, WiLD SERUM & FLOWER SERUM. Our HONEY SERUM is infused with our winter blend of herbs- evergreen, nettle, peppermint and rosehip.

  • HONEY BALM - a luxurious cream, simple and moisturizing. A perfect product to keep in your bag to prevent cracked winter skin. Our HONEY BALM is blended with local honey and beeswax, perfect to protect your skin, giving it a sweet aroma of cocoa and honey.

  • ANY DAY NOURISHER - a herbal infused olive oil for relaxation and peace. Flavour notes of lavender & vanilla.

  • GHEE PLZ - handmade, small-batch clarified butter. A delicious and famously healthy cooking oil, also an essential in every kitchen!

We also are very proud to launch our GIFT BOXES!

Available year-round for gift giving, these gift boxes currently have a festive spin including a limited edition of our FESTIVE OIL and an intro to an eco-friendly format of our top selling lip balm- FRESH LIPS.


  • Launched new product display at Dundurn Market, including new TONER TIME & HONEY SERUM & gift boxes.

Thank you for your feedback, support and love,

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you all, family & friends!

Samantha & Brian ~ Nature IS Health