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Garden Comparison Photos June 2019 - from babies to adolescents!

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

MOST RECENT ~ JUNE 20th compared to May before I began clean-up.

Scroll below for awesome comparison photos!

Wow what a beautiful change!

Second year sage bushes going into a beautiful flower -

Can you spot the bees?

A spearmint & sage patch:

2 weeks apart - I have already begun harvesting the spearmint for mint tea & mojitos!!

My goal is to have the mint to take over the entire manured section, and the sage to be in a concentrated bush.

Each day I go in and pull unwanted weeds / grass - this allows the mint & sage to thrive. I also tame the growth of the mint / sage by harvesting sections in the direction I want it to grow.

Here's the coolest comparison

picture of them all ...

The whole crew holding on to a clouded and rainy start.

I expect the lettuces to grow the fastest.

Compare it to this ...

What a comparison!! Can't wait to see another 2 weeks!!

Herb Pots

Still vibrant even on a rainy day ..

I have been actively harvesting these plants for 2 weeks now -

what a lovely garnish for a meal!!

Did you know that harvesting mature leaves off plants urges them grow stronger and sprout more leaves?

Hemp, Raspberry & Oregano:

Rhubarb in flower:


Tomato plants & friends:

The yellow flower in the back is a hybrid kale-broccoli plant that cross seeded- very delicious signature Sam's Wellness veggies.

Nothing like homegrown spinach & lettuce!

The onion line-up is coming along ..

Underneath all those green onions is a growing bulb onion.

Of course the fastest growing plant is the "weed" ..

.. wonder why it got that name!!

Also check out the mini hot peppers (smallest plants in the garden). Those plants are native to Mexico, so no wonder why they have been struggling in the cool, damp weather - bring on the sun!

Happy gardening everyone :)

- Sam


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