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PICK THE HEALTHIEST BREADS & WHY - also where to find in #HamOnt!

Is bread healthy?

The reason I created this post was because so many people are irritated and bloated because of bread-like-products. I don't necessarily believe it is always the grain to blame. Rather, the agriculture of grain, the over-refining of grain and the processing of grain.

Preservatives and additives

Hope to support your microbiome? Look for traditional sourdough, fermented sprouted flours and unbleached refined breads.

Did I just say refined?? Yes! Refined bread is easier digested because it won't contain the anti-nutrients that cause indigestion and mineral imbalance. Obviously let's not make this the main food in our diet, refined bread contains little nutrients other than carbohydrates.

Sourdough is easier for our body to digest because it is baked with dough that has gone through a fermentation process. This fermentation consumes and breaks down sugars and protein (gluten) in the flour- 'digesting' some of the bread for us, making it easier on our digestive system when we eat it.

Where to find the healthiest bread in Hamilton..

Earth to Table Bread Bar (on Locke street and by Jackson Square) make bread fresh sourdough every day. Pretty good, they are known for their pizza doughs and fresh menu. Also carry baked goods with coffee.

Mrktbox stores- they carry Dear Grain Bakery (drool) amongst other brands.

Goodness Me

Detour Cafe / Dear Grain Bakery in Dundas, & John St. amazing bakery!!! Also carried at the Cheese shop on Ottawa Street (Saturday's).


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