HOMEMADE BEAUTY TONER ~ for healthy, natural skin!

Updated: Mar 31

Which would you choose?

The best part about making homemade beauty products- they are completely personalized.

Which flavour would you choose?

  • Top left- hibiscus & rose. A true beauty toner with flower essences. I used dried rose petals and dried hibiscus. I think this will be a nice toner before make-up for a brightening glow.

  • Top right- I am not entirely sure all the contents of this, I used a calming tea blend I made last year. From what I can see there are oat groats, hops, fennel, and some herbal anti-inflammatory leaves. It tastes and smells nice! I plan to use this toner before bed, since it has calming properties.

  • Bottom- green tea and lemongrass. I used gunpowder green tea leaves and sprigs of dried lemongrass. I think this will be an energizing toner to use in the morning, if I am inflamed, stressed, or perhaps on the way to work when I need a little hop in my step.

Depending on your aromatic preference and what skin type you have, choose plants to suit your needs.

Our skin is our biggest organ, so best believe the nutrients in these plants will enter your blood stream!

Google the plants you are interested in to learn about their energetic properties, and from there you can develop a personalized blend.

I make my toners in 500mL mason jars, filling 3/4 of the jar. I cover the bottom with dried plant matter, as if to make a strong tea.


  • Brew your plant matter with boiled water. Caution to not burn the delicate constituents of your plants! Make sure to let the water settle a bit first after it is boiled.

  • Let the decoction steep and then come to room temperature.

  • Strain.

  • Add a pH adjuster and pore tightener. I add 1-2 tsp of a concentrated saline solution (just a small amount) and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.

  • Add essential oils or delicate oils if you like.

  • Stir or shake the solution and transfer into a spray bottle. You can also apply the toner with a cotton pad / ball.

  • Store in a cool dark place.

And that's it! Your beauty toner is ready for use. I like to use mine after cleansing my face, or as a way to refreshen skin before make-up.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your own personalized beauty product line!