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Updated: Mar 23

Wandering in the yogurt aisle today ...

.. when I turned to a lady beside me and exclaimed:

"omg! They all use skim milk!"

She responded:

"I am concerned with sugar content."

So here I am inspired to write about what I look for on a yogurt label...

  • My favourite yogurt is plain whole milk yogurt- unsweetened. But otherwise, I would look for cane sugar and/or fruit puree. I watch out for sweeteners like sucralose and processed sugars like glucose-fructose.

  • If you are using your yogurt for dips, sauces and homemade sourcream, try plain whole milk yogurt. You can always add fruit/honey later if you like.

  • Grass-fed for the win! Grass-fed cows are naturally healthier and live a happier life, they also produce more nutrient-dense milk.

  • My main goal is to look for a brand that uses wholemilk as the primary ingredient. This means less processing and less secondary ingredients like guar gum and starches to thicken a skim milk to make it creamier. You will notice this is common in low-fat yogurt options. In my opinion it is healthier to choose the whole-food option, whole milk naturally contains more fat and nutrients that can keep you filled up longer, otherwise you will fill the void of a low-fat skim yogurt later with unnecessary snacking!

  • If you can't find any whole milk options, at least try to find some real cream and the fewest additional fillers.


  • I always make sure the ingredient listing says "active bacteria culture", or lists specific strains of bacteria.

  • Homemade yogurt can have over 45 strains of bacteria (probiotics) from the surrounding environment, talk about an immune system boost!

  • There is no true way of knowing which tub of yogurt is going to have the best spectrum of bacteria. However, I have found the brands that have the simplest ingredient listings to taste the most like homemade yogurt. I also like to look for brands that are small-batched, sold from jars or are known to be healthier milk brands.

Product highlights...

This is not a paid add, however I am all about supporting brands I love, so here are links to some of my favourite yogurt brands, you can see a picture and find them at your local stores:

When I make yogurt at home and need a starter, I like to use a brand from a jar like this.

I have found one of the best ways to gain the probiotic benefit from yogurt it is to have a bowl of it with unpasteurized honey, have you tried?



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