Updated: Jan 8

How to not get sick..

The obvious:

  • Separate yourself from obviously sick people (i.e. people coughing, sneezing, looking sick..) a.k.a SOCIAL DISTANCING

  • WASH YOUR HANDS. Use soap and water over hand sanitizer!!!!

  • Change your clothes and take a shower or wash up after spending a day out in highly populated places.

  • Practice self-control, get only what you need and choose off times for crowded areas.

  • Burn sage in your house because it kills airborne invaders, both bacteria, viruses and negative spirits.

  • Wear proper clothing depending on the weather. Being cold doesn't automatically make you sick, this can risk you being more susceptible to getting sick if a virus comes along.

Take care of yourself. Don't run yourself dry. We already know that sickness impacts us all differently, but it impacts us differently at different times too, so prioritize your wellbeing, because the best YOU is always the best for us too! :) <3 XO

To prevent getting sick it is important to keep your internal body heat and energy strong. In Ayurveda this is known as "agni", your internal fire, fueling your digestion and your vital energy to live. When your agni is strong your body is in balance and can ward off invaders. There are foods and lifestyle choices that keep your agni strong, more on this post here.

  • Get enough PROPER sleep. Don't eat before bed. No caffeine 8 hours before sleeping. NO SCREENS 1 hour before bed.

  • GO outside. I just read somewhere that most people feel better with an increase of 120 minutes of outside time PER WEEK. I aim to get that much EVERY DAY.

  • MOVE. If you feel like anything is off in your body, but are not active everyday, then fix that first before setting off the fear alarms and doctor visits.

  • SPACE OUT YOUR MEALS / fast regularly. If you are eating too frequently your body won't even have time to assimilate the energy and nutrients from the food, no matter how healthy it is. Try 10-16 hours overnight.

  • Drink enough water and water-based liquids. If you don't like water, add water flavouring, a bit of juice, lemon, cucumber.. make herbal tea, make broth, miso soup, make a water-based smoothie.

  • Eat something FERMENTED. I like pickled veggies and yogurt (not together- lol), what do you like? A wide spectrum of bacteria is your first line of immune defence.

  • Eat some SEAWEED, or nettle (the seaweed of the Earth). These plants contain all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients science tells us are vital for our optimal functioning. We take spirulina tablets in our house as a multivitamin.

  • Eat fruit. Some fruit is better than no fruit, however FRESH fruit will be synced with your immediate environment. In Ayurveda it is not recommended to eat cooling fruits from the tropics during the cold months because it smothers our agni (our internal fire fueling our body), so check out the markets :) Autumn fruit- apples, pears, berries, squashes.

  • Eat vegetables. Any vegetable is better than no vegetables, however FRESH will always trump canned/overly processed, try processing at home like boiling, sauteing, baking, pan frying, etc... Opt for local versus imported veggies to keep in sync with our environment.

  • Eat QUALITY protein. Our favourite is a meat roast with veggies and potatoes at this time of year with the cooler temperatures rolling in. Legumes are a tasty source of plant-based protein and also are great in a stew.

  • Eat QUALITY fat. Watch out for those over-processed trans fats, and instead choose healthy oils like: veggies cooked in ghee, olive oil, eggs, whole milk yogurt, slow-cooked meat, fresh nuts and seeds, hemp hearts...

  • Eat healthy carbohydrates. Like wholegrains, fruits and vegetables.. choose real sugars over processed ones.

  • Eat salt. Ensure your mineral levels are balanced, this helps with hydration. Be a snob though, don't just eat any salt, choose a mineral-dense salt. Go to the health section of the grocery store and buy a salt that is too 'expensive' .. lol, mix this with a cheaper bulk sea salt, so at least you are getting a wide spectrum of minerals for less of a price.

  • SWEAT. If you are too lazy to actually work out hard enough to sweat, fill a tub with epsom salt and himalayan salt and sweat in there passively. Sweating detoxifies the body and will also trigger more consumption of water.

Thanks for reading and stay well,