TOAST NUTS & SEEDS - digest them better, here's how!

Updated: Mar 30


  • Spread your nuts / seeds on baking pan

  • Preheat your oven to 300-350 degrees, the lower the temperature the longer they will need. Usually I start low and then turn it up to brown them quick at the end.

  • Optional: coat them in oil and sea salt. I like to use ghee, bacon drippings or coconut oil. I find olive oil and other vegetable oils don't protect the seed as well from burning.

  • Another way to toast, and convenient for a quick garnish: in a cast iron pan at the end of a meal. This is nice to gather the flavours from whatever you were cooking.

  • Let them cool completely and then store in a glass jar away from direct sunlight.

While they are warm is a good time to make a homemade nut/seed butter recipe here.

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