Lavender - time to relax?

Benefits of LAVENDER:


  • Anti-bacterial, anti-septic, commonly used for skin eruptions, rashes, cuts, bruises and injuries.

  • A calming addition to immune formulas in the winter months.

  • Effective de-contestant, anti-nauseant and to calm headache/migraine when added into a aromatherapy diffuser.


  • Calming and peaceful.

  • A favourite scent to raise mood and relax the senses.


  • Essential oil is used in natural beauty mixes to reduce redness and puffiness. To use: after cleansing and moisturizing apply 2drops of essential oil on the pads of the finger and pat onto the face, neck and shoulders.

  • Effective in relieving pressure in inflamed joints when applied with a carrier oil. To use: mix into a carrier oil such as shea, coconut, olive and apply/massage into the inflamed area. Use a warm bath or hot water bottle to increase the absorption.

  • Soothes inflamed intestines when taken in tea.


  • Added to digestive formulas to calm the system and reduce inflammation that may be occurring from irritants (such as food allergies/intolerance that are being consumed anyways or unknowingly).


  • Relaxes blood pressure, especially when paired with other flowers like chamomile, skullcap and rose.


  • A natural bug repellant, everyone always thinks citronella, but lavender and lemongrass are more powerful!!!

Examples of how to use LAVENDER:

  • Applied directly on cut, scrape, bruise, pimple, injury or diluted on a rash (to disinfect/anti-inflammatory).

  • Diffused into room for peace, calm, depression, sinus infection, sniffles, congestion, allergies, headache and migraine.

  • Taken in tea to calm the digestive system, muscles, mind and to sooth sickness.

  • In addition to other herbs (such a lemon balm, skull cap, chamomile) to calm the circulatory system, blood pressure.

  • Diluted into a saline solution and applied on skin as a toner or bug repellant (add lemongrass).

Lavender is found in our top selling (and my favourite), APRIL's TEA, which is a blend of green teas, lavender, horsetail and mint. This tea is hydrating, delicious, relaxing and super nutritious! Let me know what you think in our review section at the bottom of our SHOP page.

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