Updated: Mar 31

Apparently, said today on the radio Q107.1, there is a new study released that found you are 38% more likely to get lung disease / cancer if you clean with chemical-based cleaning products.

No need to fear the statistic when there are natural solutions available!

Sam's Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

Tools & ingredients:

  • Jars for batch making and storage.

  • Spray bottles or jars for dispensing it in the rooms you need to clean- I went on Amazon and bought a set of glass spray bottles.

  • Salt- resets the pH for balanced bacteria growth. I use Himalayan salt chunks for the saline solution explained below. You can use table salt, however if you want to use your saline solution for homemade beauty products, I would recommend using a natural salt that contains all it's minerals.

  • Vinegar, resets the pH and cuts grease to remove grime. I use white pickling vinegar and a dash of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar for the enzyme activity.

  • Essential oils- for fragrance and active cleaning properties. I like evergreen, citrus and tea tree for cleaning. Other popular plants with cleaning properties are rosemary, lavender, etc. check out Google for more.

  • Alcohol, rubbing alcohol or white alcohol like vodka or rum- I like to soak plants known to be successful cleaners in vodka, such as citrus peels, mints, ginger, etc. You could also just add a dash of rubbing alcohol or plain liquor. You could also soak the plants I mentioned above in vinegar to make an infused vinegar if you don't want to use alcohol.

  • Thin oil- I use sunflower oil. Oil helps to remove grease stains.

  • OPTIONAL- castile or another natural soap. When using a spray bottle I usually skip this step to avoid soap clogging the spray. I make another 'soap-based all-purpose cleaner' with soap nuts- I'll post that recipe at another time, stay tuned!

Recipe & method:

  • Gather a jar to make a saline solution. This is a key component I use in homemade cleaning solutions. Not to forget, a great addition to a natural and sustainable home, I use it in homemade beauty products, air freshener, with cooking, first aid, etc.

Saline solution

  • Cover the bottom of a glass vesicle with good quality salt. I buy Himalayan salt chunks from a local health food store and use 1-2 chunks per 2L jar.

  • Fill with hot water. If using a glass jar be careful not not to shatter the jar, so allow it to warm slowly.

  • Stir the salt to help it dissolve.

  • Your goal is to make a strong saline solution. The water should be somewhat murky. If you were to taste it, it would be very salty!

  • Once cooled to room temperature the saline solution is ready for use.

Con't all purpose cleaner recipe & method:

  • Get the spray bottle you want to use

  • Fill with 1/4 of saline solution

  • Fill with 1/4 vinegar

  • Fill 1/8 with alcohol, (I use about a dollop each spray bottle)

  • Add essential oils to the potency you like the smell

  • Add a little dash of sunflower oil, or another thin oil

  • Option to add citrus peels or fragrant plants right in the spray bottle. Depending on what you are going to be using the spray for. For example, the one I use for extending the life of gym clothes has lavender sprigs, rosemary and rose, the one in the kitchen has citrus peels and pine needles and the one in the bathroom mint and tea tree essential oil.

  • Fill the rest with water.

  • Put on the lid and shake.

To use:

  • We most commonly use this spray daily in our kitchen to wipe down all the surfaces.

  • For the bathroom we have a version with more vinegar and use it to refreshen the shower walls, toilet and general surfaces. I also make a soapnut solution for our dishes that helps on our big cleaning days. Stay tuned for that recipe!

  • For all surfaces in the house, such as carpet, floors, walls, this spray works wonders! For example when Indie my cat pukes up a fur ball on the white carpet- it's not to worry this spray releases the stain. For tougher stains I would add baking soda + vinegar or a soap nut solution.

Don't be afraid to breathe in the fumes of these natural cleaners because there are no chemicals, no chemicals for your body or to wash down the drain into our ecosystem!