Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Thank you all for the great support as we move into the holiday season. We are stoked to launch our seasonal items in our shop, including winter cozy ingredients and gift sets.

New items this past month with our Octobah Blend:

- WiLD SERUM - Topical Oil -

- FLOWER SERUM - Topical Oil -

- FLOWER BALM - Topical Cream -

- FRESH LIPS - Lip Balm -

- FLOWER POWER - Lip Balm -

- APRIL's TEA - Garden Tea -

- DETOX TEA - Garden Tea -

Great news this month as we are now offered in a local shop! Dundurn Market is an awesome forward thinking shop located downtown Hamilton.

Looking forward to some fresh and festive holiday ideas? We will be pre-ordering gift baskets soon, let us know if you are interested!

Thank you you for your continued support,

Samantha & Brian