THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL ~ Tips to build a healthy breakfast

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

What do you have for breakfast?

Do you skip it?

So I'm going to be real here and say that I usually 'skip breakfast'.. so the name of this post should rather be "tips to build a healthy first meal" since everyone's lifestyle is quite different.

That being said, the first meal is important to set the stage for the rest of the day..

A healthy morning routine wakes the body at a pace it is ready to function- and that includes eating times and what we put in our mouth.

Healthy first bites:


Overnight our bloodsugar drops and enters a state of fasting. Carbohydrates are a source of glucose and our body's easy fuel source.

First thing in the morning: after some water, I usually have some sweet simple sugars, like fruit or a little treat to get me out the door for some fresh air. I post my morning bites in my Instagram story if you are looking for some inspiration!

Wholesome sources of carbohydrates will balance the body, versus refined sources that may set the body up for unstable bloodsugar. Our bloodsugar levels impact our energy, mood and cravings for food. Opt for fresh fruits, vegetables, homemade baked goods, whole grains, etc.


Fat helps to absorb nutrients and keeps us satisfied longer in-between meals, or in this case to keep us fueled until later in the day. In the winter, fat keeps us warm and in the summer, it helps us absorb vitamin D.. so don't shy away- fat does not make you fat!

Healthy sources: animal foods, oily plants like nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut, olive, etc. The oils to watch out for are processed vegetable oils used in packaged foods and take-out / restaurants and sold cheap in plastic bottles. These oils are likely damaged during the manufacturing process, are refined and contain an imbalance of omega 6 to omega 3 (a contributing factor to inflammation in the body).


A super important building block for our body's muscles, skin, hormones and brain function.

Found in whole foods and animal foods. Matching plants together (legumes, grains, nuts, seeds) gives us balanced protein structure (all the amino acids). Some of the favourite protein breakfast foods are eggs, bacon / sausage, butter, yogurt, nuts and seeds and wholegrains.


Give us vital energy, glow and shine. They counteract inflammation and imbalance. They are anti-aging, protect our skin, hair and support our immune system.

How do we make sure we are getting enough antioxidants? Eat fresh, colourful and real foods. Antioxidants are usually the first nutrients processed out of our foods to increase shelf-life.


Sometimes I skip breakfast to lengthen a fast and allow my digestive system a break, when was the last time you gave your body time to regenerate and grow?

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