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MAKE SPRING CLEAN TEA ~ homemade & mostly wild!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020


  • Dandelion Flowers- the bulk of the recipe. They are fluffy, nutritious and not too bitter tasting.

  • Calendula Flowers- a mild tasting anti-inflammatory, google it!

  • Dandelion Leaves- nutritious and cleansing.

  • Toasted Dandelion Root- provides a deep nutty flavour.

  • Elder Berries- brings a sweet tone and antioxidants for our immune system.

  • Juniper Berries- known to be an excellent flush for our urinary tract.

  • Mint Leaves- fresh and hydrating.

  • Stevia Leaf- just a very little bit to balance out the flavours.

About Spring Clean Tea ..

This tea gets its name because it is effective at reseting our urinary tract, cleaning our kidneys and supporting detoxification through the liver. A cup of Spring Clean Tea is mild and hydrating.

Dandelion is an analgesic, did you know?

Known as a weed to some, a herb to others, dandelion pops up just in time to wash away the winter blues and lighten us for the warmer weather! More about the benefits of dandelion here.

Message me today for your order!

$5 for 5 cups ~ while supplies last!


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