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Updated: May 24, 2021

If you know me, you know I am a bit of a partier....

Reasons we get hungover


Alcohol is a diuretic. Ever heard of the saying: "don't break the seal" - it's referring to your first pee after you start drinking.. you pee once, and then you keep on having to go!! The more we urinate, without the replenishment of nutrients, the more we lose our electrolyte balance and become more dehydrated.

  • Try mixing up your drinks with some salty snacks & WATER

  • Opt for a fully equipped tequila shot (with salt + lime)

  • A jager bomb with red bull (it's fortified with electrolytes)

  • Buy higher quality alcohol that has been less refined/filtered (and therefore will still contain some of the nutrients from the plant fermented)

  • Obviously moderating drinking habits can aid in staying hydrated.. try kombucha, a fizzy enjoyable drink for an alcohol-free or reduced alcohol night. They also make light versions of most alcohols.

Also keep in mind that if you stop peeing, it's a sure clue you are dehydrated.

Try adding some quality sea salt to a couple tall glasses of water- the minerals will increase hydration at a cellular level.


Ever heard the saying: "hair of the dog"? It refers to the consumption of an alcoholic drink the morning after drinking. This balances the body's brain chemistry and nervous system that are most likely in a crashed state.

This is useful on a bender weekend, maybe if you hit up a cottage or during the holidays, a time when our tolerance and soberness levels are all over the place.

  • Good morning Caesars are refreshing, spices are nutritious and it will contain electrolytes to replenish the system

  • Mimosas are high in vitamin C to support the liver- make homemade orange juice for added nutritional benefit!

  • The classic Irish whiskey coffee can slap you in the face to kick-start the day..

  • For a more medicinal solution: think ahead and make a homemade detox tincture. Soak detoxifying herbs like dandelion, burdock, ginger, nettle in vodka or rum for a month, strain and take a teaspoon the evening / morning around alcohol consumption to support the liver detoxification process.

Another way to counteract withdrawal is to alkalize and flush the system:

  • Fresh fruit and veggies and their juices

  • Lemon or lime water

  • Peppermint tea

  • Lots of water!

Depressed and stagnant system

Alcohol is a form of sugar, plus it metabolizes into a toxin that oxidizes the system.. antioxidants help to counteract this. A powerhouse antioxidant team in our body can be remembered with the acronym: A.C.E+Zinc+Selenium. The letters A, C & E are representing vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, and then the minerals zinc & selenium.

Antioxidants act as defense and repair, and they also prevent mutation of foreign material throughout our system.

  • Google tops foods containing the mentioned antioxidant nutrients above and incorporate them into your lifestyle. Not only will you reduce the intensity of your hangovers, but you will also boost your overall liver function, immune system and hormonal system.

In general: antioxidants are refined & processed out of our food to increase shelf-life. Eat fresh food to eat more antioxidants. Look for: colourful red, green, purple, yellow foods, coffee, tea & try some salted lemon water!

Imbalanced and low bloodsugar / depleted nutrients / stressed liver

Vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and water are depleted from our system at a cellular level thanks to alcohol. The high consumption of sugar imbalances the protein balance in the body (our nitrogen balance).

  • Hopefully we are already eating a diet rich in quality protein- but especially prepare the body for a party night with a high protein meal leading up to the drinks and then again the morning after.

  • Choose foods that are fresh and that are concentrated in protein with BIOAVAILABLE vitamins, minerals and proteins like dark animal meat, eggs, beets, dark green foods, whole milk yogurt, fresh fruit.

Random anecdotes:

  • Probiotics

Alcohol sterilizes, so try replenishing the microbiome with living foods. Some ideas: wholemilk yogurt, kombucha, unpasteurized honey, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut and fresh fruits and vegetables. I usually take a probiotic supplement whenever I drink alcohol, and double up my dose if I've been a party animal.

  • Serious detox

If someone shows up in the ER with alcohol or drug poisoning one of the anecdotes is activated charcoal. Most healthfood stores carry activated charcoal since it's also a great homemade face mask ingredient. To use you mix 1-2 teaspoons in water or juice and drink. Activated charcoal is a solution to have on hand for food poisoning too! Whenever I go to a music festival I try to take a little glass full of charcoal before bed to ease the stomach for the next day's partying!

  • Salt bath

When the body it too tired or ill to orally consume replenishment, use our biggest organ- the skin! Draw a warm or cool bath (depending on how out of balance your body is) with lots of salt to rehydrate and rejuvenate a toxic body.

What is kombucha?

Why probiotics?


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