MAKE BLOAT-FREE HUMMUS- do legumes make you fart?

Updated: Jul 26

Hummus is a plant food that becomes a complete protein source by pairing the amino acid structure of sesame seeds + sprouted chickpeas.

Personally, I believe buying mass produced hummus is selling yourself short! There is a good chance the protein and mineral content is not bioavailable, and the oil, well maybe it is rancid... what else? Time to walk away from canned chickpeas!

Why use dry beans & sprout? (versus canned)

  • Without sprouting legumes we risk indigestion and many times it comes in the form of gas ..

  • Canned foods are known to contain traces of aluminum which is linked to brain and nervous system malfunction.

Heathy tips to making the best homemade hummus:

  • Skip the canned chickpeas and opt for dried!

How? To sprout: add chickpeas into a bowl with warmish water and a dash of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Let them be for 24-48hours (depending on the temperature of your kitchen), the water will begin to bubble and they have a little tail. Then rinse them very well. Boil as usual. If you are prone to gas and bloating, discard water after 5 minutes of boiling and refill the water and boil again.

  • When boiling the chickpeas add a little bit of baking soda. This will help to soften them up quicker. Once they are nearing the end of the boil, I add butter or ghee and sea salt to soften and flavour them.

  • Add the tahini and cooked chickpeas to the food processor when they are still slightly warm (but not hot) so the flavours blend together well.

  • Make the hummus hours or a day before you want to consume it and the flavours will extract & explode together in the fridge.

  • Add fresh lemon and garlic, not dried or concentrate. I also make a version of hummus with no garlic for the vampires I know, instead I use za'atar or thyme + sage.

  • Add quality sea salt and fresh ground pepper, not table salt or pre-ground pepper.

  • To freshen it up use a handful of fresh cilantro or parsley. A dusting of paprika also tastes delicious.

  • Use 100% olive oil versus a blend. Hemp oil is also very nice!

Here's roasted eggplant added to the mix. This is ready to blend!

Why do chickpeas make us fart if we skip sprouting? Antinutrients. More here.