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Updated: May 28

In bag #1:

LEMON TIME TEA - an energizing tea with relaxing herbs that is delicious both hot and cold. Featuring sencha green, homegrown catnip, lemon balm and nettle. Flavour: is earthy, lemony.

EUCALPTUS & LAVENDER SPRAY - a multiuse spray for refreshing a yoga mat, sour armpits or to invigorate the shower.

COFFEE SCRUB SOAP - prevent ingrown sweaty skin or problem breakout areas with fresh locally roasted coffee and clove oil.

LOVE OIL - a relaxing herbal infused body oil that duals for hair use. Made with delicate oils, olive oil and the smells of ylang ylang and vanilla.

FLOWER POWER LIP BALM - keep dry lips hydrated with a moisturizing lip balm infused with garden herbs and sweet orange.

In bag #2 ...

LAVENDER & LEMON MULTI USE SPRAY - a refreshing spray for linen, a yoga mat, you and the air.

SEA SALT LAVENDER SOAP - with added clay- try this as a shampoo bar, to balance the pH of sweaty skin and to soothe aching muscles.

MEDITATION OIL - a herbal infused oil to boost awareness and grounding movement, also tames flyaway.

BASIC ALL USE LIP BALM - an essential oil free lip balm that can dual as a sensitive skin moisturizer.

APRIL's TEA - delicious both hot and cold, April's hydrates with mints, relaxes with lavender and energizes with green tea. Flavour: balanced mint & floral.

How will you pack your yoga bag?

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