TRIO plant mylk - spring dairy detox begins! Easy and nutritious homemade plantmilks

Spring is nearing and I am ready to cleanse my body!!!

Starting with a break from dairy?

Some fresh and light meals.

Hit the gym a bit more to sweat out the winter?

Why not!

I LOVE creamy elixir beverages after work, so to keep things light, instead of whole milk I have whipped up some fresh PLANTMYLK.


Take a 1L mason jar and fill half way with equal amounts:

  • Ground oats

  • Cashew

  • Coconut flour

Fill the rest with filtered water. Allow the mix to soak for 24 hours at room temperature.

1 day later..

Pour the mixture into the blender and add another litre of filtered water.

Blend on high until it is well combined.

Pour through a cheese cloth or strainer.

Store in fridge for up to 1 week.

Separation is expected, so shake before use.

I like to simmer the plantmilk on the stove so it thickens and then use it to make chai or a creamy elixir beverage.

Have you tried making your own plant milks before?

How to make your own plantmilks

ELIXIRS - creamy, fabulous, nutritious, energy-filled concoctions!

- Samantha