We Should Embrace These COVID-Induced Lifestyle Changes Permanently

Updated: Feb 15

By: Jason Lewis

There have been a few critical lifestyle changes, as a result of COVID, that are worthy of sticking around in a post-pandemic world.

Expanded Career Options

One study found that 77% of moms with children under six contributed to household finances. That same study showed that an incredible 81.2% of moms with school-aged children worked. 

Virtual career paths are becoming more viable every day. It is becoming more likely that a position in a company, doing something that you love, is now being offered online. As well, freelancing a new business idea has become more available.

Redefined Self-Care Habits

Before the pandemic, things like shopping or cleaning the house were labeled as "self-care" for many. The pandemic helped shift this. As people became exhausted, and fed up, they explored new ways to care for themselves.

This created a wave of trendy "self care", including wellness products and marketing for various relaxation routines at home.

Self-care looks different for everyone.

All people need to eat right, drink enough water, shower and exercise...

But self-care goes beyond that. For some, it means playing video games or ensuring one uninterrupted night of family time each week.

For others, it means taking a bath with a cup of relaxing homegrown tea from Nature Is Health.

Many people found new hobbies or renovated their space to suit their home-bound needs. Whatever made you feel good and helped you decompress during the pandemic, why not continue these routines as life continues to readjust?

Prioritized Family Health & the outdoors

The pandemic has shifted the way many of us view not only their own health but that of our family's. We have been encouraged to drink more water, eat healthier, value our outdoor time, and take vitamins.

Perhaps it was easier for you to pay more attention to the mental health of your family members, as well as your own, as a result of being stuck at home?

Social-distancing standards and the closure of indoor activities encouraged more time outdoors being active. This is a positive shift towards family-wide health, prioritizing fresh air and sunshine, that will offer permanent health benefits moving forward.

Supportive Community

As small local businesses were hit hard during the pandemic, communities came together to help keep them open. Many focused on 'shopping local', and communities across the country raised money for companies that were threatened with closure.

People delivered groceries for elderly neighbours and mowed the lawns for people stuck inside without help while quarantined. This pandemic-induced trend towards supporting the local community is one I hope will continue long-term.

Some COVID-Induced Lifestyle Changes may not be all that bad!

Overall the pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but some of these changes can be made permanent for the better.

Such as an emergence of online career opportunities, the importance of prioritizing self care, the wellness of our family, spending time outdoors and the willingness to support our community- these are all worthy changes and things we can be grateful for.

Thanks for reading!


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