This is a tea I created with tradition in mind. As we learn in Ayurveda and following in trends today, citrus and ginger liquids are especially nourishing first thing in the morning. This tea gives A NICE LIFT, with a little jolt of green tea and some season-changing ingredients for maintaining balance. 


About ingredients

  • Genmaicha green tea, is a Japanese tea that contains green tea leaves and roasted popped brown rice. The results is in the flavour of this tea- nutty with hints of ginger, orange and lemon. 
  • Dehydrated fruit, including citrus and ginger to reset the stomach acids.
  • Spearmint and mojito mint for a hydrating and light flavour. 
  • Lemon balm and catnip to provide some peace and sweet flavour. 
  • Thyme to get the mind and blood flowing. 
  • Goldenrod because it is benefical for allergies, as the weather is changing and we all begin to hunker indoors. 


  • Mojito mint*&, spearmint*&, lemon balm*&, catnip flower*&, goldenrod*&, thyme*&, genmaicha green tea*, dehydrated lemon, orange & ginger*.