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Please note glass misters are reusable in your own home, otherwise recycle. 


Chemicals in air fresheners

There are many air fresheners on the market containing aerosols, chemicals and ingredients that may not the best to breathe in consistently. So, for the longevity of our lungs, it's time to switch to some more natural options!


POOP SPRAY ~ this spray was created to abolish a smelly bathroom. We use it in public bathroom at our farmer's market, yes the one that all the vendors share! The scent is a musky vanilla and the ingredients not only hide smell, but they help to kill the bacteria in the room. 



LAV & LEM ~ gently freshens the air with the floral smell of lavender and light, fresh smell of citrus. Primary lemon but a hint of orange. I like to spray this on my gym stuff, my pitts and to freshen linens, rugs.


EUCALYPTUS & LAVENDER ~ a warming aroma, the floral smell of lavender and chest opening smell of eucalyptus. I like this one in the bathroom that has our shower, especially when there is condensation in the air. Try this on a yoga mat.



    Filtered water, alcohol, organic natural fragrance oil- non-GMO, free of paraben, phthalate, lyral, and lilial: french vanilla, organic essential oil: black peppercorn.


    LAV & LEM
    Filtered water, alcohol, organic essential oils: lavender, lemon, sweet orange.


    Filtered water, alcohol, organic essential oils: eucalyptus, lemon.

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