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I created this blend because I wanted a nourishing oil infused into olive oil instead of sunflower oil. Why? The fatty acid structure of olive oil is famously more beneficial for our body compared to sunflower oil.


Nettle ~ a herbal medicine favourite for providing nourishment, I call it the "seaweed of the Earth" because it contains many beneficial nutrients similar to algae.

Mint ~ nourishing and refreshing for the body, the nutrients in mint bring hydration.

Sage ~ a sacred plant for inner body balance.

Ganja ~ relaxing, both muscle and emotionally

ANY DAY GANJA NOURISHER - Oral Herbal Infusion in Olive Oil


    100% cold pressed olive oil infused with homegrown ganja*, nettle*, peppermint*, sage*. 

    * = Organic 


    Gently shake before use. Apply dropper underneath tongue. Alternatively add to beverage of choice and/or apply to skin on neck, chest, wrists, feet (lymph nodes). 


    Store out of direct sunlight and at cool room temperature. Oils are damaged with light, heat and air, so please keep this in mind. Do not contaminate the dropper bottle and your oil will remain fresh. 

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