Just in time for Valentine's, this bundle is perfect for a luxurious massage.


In a clear sachet, we have bundled LOVE OIL, LOVE BALM, mini ROSE TALLOW SOAP & a fragrant mixture of lavender buds and rose petals. All organic! 😍


Use the rose petals and lavender buds to boost relaxation in a bath, as a romantic decoration on your bed or as an accent in your favourite tea.


  • LOVE OIL: Olive oil*, Cold-pressed Canadian sunflower oil, sweet almond oil*, hemp oil*, evergreen*, nettle*, peppermint*, chamomile*, dandelion*, lavender*, rosehip*, rose petals*, essential oils of vanilla champa*, patchouli*, neroli*, ylang ylang*, sweet orange*, lemon*, camphor*.

    * = Organic


    LOVE BALM: coconut oil*, cacao butter*, rose petals*.

    * = Organic


    ROSE TALLOW SOAP: pasture-raised, homemade rendered tallow, Cold-pressed Canadian sunflower oil, castor oil*, lye, water, essential oils of tea tree* and dragon's blood*, rose petals*. 

    * = Organic