BREATHE WATER is a twist on our LAVENDER ROSE WATER. Instead of a floral aroma, this toner bursts of eucalyptus and sage, the result is fresh & clean!  


This summer blend aroma was developed for those heavy, sweaty days when the air is thick and sometimes you just need a breath of sweet clean air!


  • Eucalyptus is known for it's ability to excite and open the airways, making BREATHE WATER a great idea for stuffy nose, allergies, sick moments and more! 
  • Green tea stimulates us allowing for BREATHE WATER to circulate the body. 
  • Sage is a sacred body balancer, known for it's ability to nourish our core, boost our mood and kill harmful energies and pathogens. 




  • Water infused with calendula*, green tea*, sage*, sea salt, homemade ACV*. Essential oils of cedarwood*, eucalyptus*, lemon*, tea tree*. 



  • Mist on skin to refresh. Spray on hair wet or dry to style, texturize & prevent itchy scalp.

    "I mist my face and then rinse with water as a gentle cleanse in the morning, the infused saline solution with ACV cleans and refreshes the skin without the need to use soap." -Samantha