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Try our 4 the Chicks box- 
✻ (1) Flower topped soap - shown here Rose Soap - other popular choices Sea Salt Lavender, Love Soap.

✻ (1) Tallow Cream - a light weight moisturizing face cream- shown here our Savory Tallow Cream - also made in Vanilla Citrus flavour- please check if this is in stock 2oz before choosing. 

✻ (1) 1 oz Honey Tallow Multi Purpose Wax, a favourite as a makeup primer and light moisturizer! - this can be swapped with another 1oz balm/cream in stock. 

✻ (1) 0.5 oz Flower Serum - top seller for the ladies! Top use is for a glowy face serum and for long strong hair. 

✻ (1) Flower infused lip tube - shown here Lovely lips, other popular choices- Lovely Lips, Flower Power. 


Try our Honey Lover's Box - items can be swapped for similar sized products in different flavours if in stock. 
✻ (1) 1 oz Honey Balm 
✻ (1) Cardboard Push Honey Tallow Wax
✻ (1) small Honey Cinnamon soap
✻ (1) 1 oz Honey Serum 



Try our Dude's Grooming Kit-
✻ (1) 1 oz Wild Serum - ideal for a beard oil, rosemary is nourishing for hair growth. Other popular serums with men is our Honey Serum as it is a refreshing aftershave. 

✻ (1) Pumice soap - rough grit for tough skin and to prevent in grown hairs. Can  be swapped with another soap- popular with men- Woods and Coffee Scrub. 

✻ (1) 1 oz aftershave toner - great for shave days and to mist the scalp in between washes to preven dandruff. 

✻ (1) 1 oz multipurpose wax - ideal for sculping beards . Men love our Basic All Use & Fresh Skin. This can be swapped for another 1oz balm/cream. 



Please do not expect or request products that are shown to be OUT OF STOCK on their individual listing.


Shipped in a kraft box with recycled / upcycled paper confetti. 

Customizable GIFT BOX

  • Why do we use LARD & TALLOW in our products?

    It is a local ingredient that can go to WASTE! Choosing local and reducing imported ingredients is something we are passionate about! We believe it is sustainable to our immediate community, keeps prices down and allows us to really know where our ingredients come from.

  • Ingredient Sourcing:

    We source from a local farm and butcher shoppe where my partner works part-time. We render lard and tallow ourseleves. The animals are pasture raised and fed no GMO.

  • Organic Plants:

    Sourced from organic Canadian suppliers and local farmers and largely from the Nature IS Health garden- where we do not spray any chemicals. I harvest the plants, air dry them and process them into infused herbal oils that we then add into our products, or add them into tea blends, or decorate our soaps/gift boxes.

  • Product Life:

    We make small batches and use minimal additional oils/essential oils. The product is long-lasting and a little bit goes a long way. For longer shelf life please store in a cool, dark environment. Always use clean hands when accessing the product and keep sealed. 

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