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For our deep relief and relaxtion winter month edition, check out our Herbal Infused Cream- it is thicker, creamier and contains tallow for nourishing cold winter skin.



✮ Soothing, great for aching muscles/joints and inflammed skin

✮ Healing injures, achey joints

✮ Rub onto temples for headache

✮ Massage onto feet or lymph nodes for relaxation

✮ Boost deeper sleep

GANJA BALM - Meltable Herbal Infused Cream


    Cocoa butter* and shea butter*, cold-pressed Canadian sunflower oil, homegrown ganja*, calendula*, lavender*, rosemary*, sage*, fennel*, hops*, mugwort*, nettle*, ashwagandha*, castor oil*, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera jelly, local beeswax*, essential oils: cypress*, cedar*, tea tree* and rosemary*.

    * = Organic

    These seceptible to change depending on batch, please contact for more details. 


    Massage onto joints, skin, feet and areas with lymph nodes for a calming anti-inflammatory effect. 

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