~ The most common review of our hair2toe soaps: "they are so moisturizing and last forever!" ~


Our unique ganja-infused herbal soap line. With the sweet and calming smell of lavender, this soap makes you want to chill out, perfect after a long day. This soap is a nice choice for inflammed skin, pained muscles and for ideally for a relaxed individual, or at least if that is your goal! 


WHY LAVENDER? Notorious for its anti-inflammatory properties, lavender is here to soothe skin and relax our mind, body and soul. 


  • Homemade pasture raised lard, cold-pressed Canadian sunflower oil infused with our CBD blend- ganja*, calendula*, lavender*, rosemary*, sage*, fennel*, hops*, mugwort*, nettle*, ashwagandha*. Blended with castor oil*, local beeswax, lye, water, essential oils of lavender* and lemon*. Garnished with lavender buds.*

    * = Organic

  • Our signature "hair2toe" soaps, use to cleanse skin and to moisturize the scalp and ends of hair. Since this soap is infused with a herbal blend, massage onto damp warm skin in circular motions towards the heart. Once you get a lather especially focus on areas of pain, inflammation, sore muscles. Don't forget about the lymph nodes, a perfect place to spread the active ingredients throughout the bloodstream.