A nourishing seal for cracked and prevention of dry skin. A combination of organic beeswax, shea & cocoa butters + our herbal infused oil, provide the skin with healing energy and protection from the elements. The spring blend welcomes the addition of aloe jelly & apple cider vinegar, for a refreshing boost, and to assist in the maintenance of skin pH and moisture control as the warmer, and sweatier, months roll in. 


Ideas for use: as a seal-in moisturizer, a primer for make-up, 'lip chap', cuticles, scalp, to style hair, eyebrows & beards. A general all-use wax to lock in moisture. Specifically beneficial for rashes, irritated skin, dry patches and to prevent chafe. 


  • Shea butter* & cocoa butter*, cold-pressed sunflower oil infused with ganja*, hops*, chamomile*, ashwagandha*, sarsaparilla root*, calendula*, fennel*, rosemary*. Castor oil*& beeswax*, ACV + aloe jelly, essential oils of cedar*, rosemary*, tea tree*, eucalyptus*.