Featuring homegrown and organically sourced ingredients. This blend is especially made with the holidays in mind. It has a deep bitter flavour, and it's up to you if you drink it straight or creamy & sweetened.



  • Dandelion root and goldenrod are both liver boosting herbs, known to flush waste from the body.. I'm talking to you holiday bloat! 
  • Toasted yerba mate and chaga have a delicious nutty flavour and are popular for their abundance in antioxidants, this will keep your immune system strong. 
  • Fennel is flavorful and balancing to our digestive system, where much of our well-being begins. 
  • Lastly I would like to mention the nutritive quality of nettle, also known as the seaweed of the Earth due to it's wide variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

DETOX ~ Octobah Blend

  • Toasted yerba mate tea*, dandelion root*, goldenrod flower* and stem*, nettle leaf* & stem*, chaga mushroom*, fennel pods*. 

    * = Organic 

  • Because of the roots in this tea, this tea can be reused multiple times.

    Best used with a mesh strainer versus a tea sachet to enjoy the most amount of flavour.

    Boil water and allow for it settle. Place loose tea into mesh strainer and cover with boiled water. Allow for it to steep 5 minutes with a lid. Strain and enjoy! Pleasant both hot or chilled, sweet or on it's own.

    Alternatively place loose tea in a pot of boiled water or tea pot of boiled water, steep 5minutes and strain into mug.

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