Wintertime blend DETOX TEA is the first photo, the following 3 photos are from our Octobah Blend, that will be returning later in the year when goldenrod is back in bloom. 


The wintertime blend is a great follow-up blend! It is less nutty than the Octobah Blend so is better served clear versus milky.


Our detox teas are very hydrating and nourishing! In this particular blend, an addition of honey or cane sugar is delicious, but due to the licorice root it has a slight sweet undertone to accompany the natural bitterness of the detoxifying roots and herbs. 





  • Dandelion root and mountain tea are liver boosting herbs, known to flush waste from the body.
  • Wild oregano is known to be beneficial for our immune system. 
  • Toasted yerba mate has a delicious nutty flavour and is popular for its abundance in antioxidants and energy promotion. 
  • Fennel is flavorful and balancing to our digestive system, where much of our well-being begins. 
  • Nettle, also known as the seaweed of the Earth due to its wide variety of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • Licorice root has a naturally sweet flavour, it is used to help balance sugar cravings and balance blood sugar. 



WINTERTIME DETOX: Toasted yerba mate tea*, dandelion root*, nettle*, fennel pods*, mountain tea*, wild oregano*, licorice root*. 

* = Organic


OCTOBAH BLEND *NOW SOLD OUT*: Toasted yerba mate tea*, dandelion root*, goldenrod flower* and stem*, nettle*, chaga mushroom*, fennel pods*. 

* = Organic