Our summer blend EATABLE CBD RELAXATION OIL is specifically blended to aid sleep and restful activities.
	Ganja - euphoric, calming and helps to reset the body's sugar levels. 
	Mugwort, valerian & hops- nervous system relaxants and used to promote restful sleep and body recovery, especially in the liver since these are bitter plants.
	Nettle- nourishing and used for overall body nutrition. 
	Lavender- calming and peaceful, this plant is sure to support dinner's efficient digestion. 
	Ashwagandha- an adaptogenic root used to support our adrenal glands, in turn this helps our body manage stress levels. 

I personally like to rub this oil into my neck and feet in the evening. 

CAUTION: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS THC. We make our CBD products with whole herb, meaning our products contain both CBD & THC, as well as all the other beneficial cannabinoids.


  • Cold-pressed sunflower oil infused with homegrown ganja*, mugwort*, nettle*, lavender*, hops*, valerian*, ashwagandha*, hemp oil*. 


  • Apply dropper under tongue, 1-5 drops is all you need! Alternatively add to beverage of choice or apply to the surface of your skin near lymphnodes, such as wrists, neck, collarbone, chest, or feet. Beneficial for aiding sleep, deep relaxation, subsiding pain, injury and anxiety.