A refreshing floral mist, useful on skin, hair and for pleasant aroma.


  • Organic rose petals are astringent, aids to clean our pores and keep them tight,
  • Organic lavender buds are anti-inflammatory (especially to reduce reddness).
  • Himalayan salt provides the minerals our skin needs to remain in balance. 
  • Wheat berries are nutritive and provide amino acids to aid in any skin repair and rejuvenation. 


Ideas for use: spray on skin after cleansing, pat and tap the surface of the skin to awaken the cells and tighten pores. Mist on chest for plesant smell and in hair to refreshen your do. 


  • Water infused with rose petals, lavender buds, wheat berries, Himalayan salt. Essential oils of lavender, lemon and tea tree.