This toner is versatile! LIFT ME UP is my go-to toner choice from our line when I need something for travel, beach and overnight stays away from home. It is refreshing, cleansing and duals for both skin & hair use. The #1 way we use LIFT ME UP in our routine is during showertime to protect our scalp after a long sweaty day. Since we use our hair2toe soaps as shampoo, the way we follow-up condition is with sprays of LIFT ME UP on damp hair before or after rinsing. I like to use LIFT ME UP in-between washes because it cleanses my scalp without the need for soap every day, since I opt to fully wet my hair every day in the shower.


Our toners are made with a blend of sea salt, homemade apple cider vinegar and essential oils all infused with selective herbs, and in the case of LIFT ME UP: rosemary, sage, thyme and tea tree are our go-to hair nourishing plants. 


Don't forget our SHINY HAIR OIL to prevent dry-out. 


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  • Water infused with basil*, oregano*, rosemary*, sage*, savory*, thyme*, sea salt & homemade apple cider vinegar*. Essential oils of evergreen*, patchouli*, rosemary*, tea tree*.


  • Mist on skin to refresh. Spray on hair wet or dry to style, texturize & prevent itchy scalp.