Originally made for our BAG of LOVE, our Love Oil is fragrant with vanilla and warming due to camphor. Are you going to pamper yourself or someone else? 


Some highlights of our Love Oil:

  • Blended with delicate quality oils like hemp and sweet almond, both our skin and hair love these oils. Try using Love Oil as a daily moisturizer, face serum and to nourish your scalp/ends of hair. 
  • Infused with nourishing plants such as nettle, dandelion and evergreen. I love adding these plants into my winter routine to ensure my body has access to all essential nutrients found in dark green plants and hearty roots. 
  • Infused with rose, both petals and rosehips (the fruit with seed), this plant is renowned for it's ability to enhance beauty and pleasure.
  • Infused with relaxing herbs such as chamomile and lavender, making our Love Oil a great oil to rub into sore muscles, tense spots and areas where we carry our stress. 
  • Infused with plants that provide sensation- peppermint = cooling & camphor = warming, making this oil a great feeling massage oil. 

    Olive oil*, cold-pressed Canadian sunflower oil, sweet almond oil*, hemp oil*, evergreen*, nettle*, peppermint*, chamomile*, dandelion*, lavender*, rosehip*, rose petals*, essential oils of vanilla champa*, patchouli*, neroli*, ylang ylang*, sweet orange*, lemon*, camphor*, french vanilla*.

    * = Organic


    1. Combined with our LOVE BALM for added lubrication, the combo glide smooth for massage.
    2. Added into a skin routine as a overall moisturizer. 
    3. Added into a hair routine as scalp nourishment or to tame ends of hair. 
    4. To use on sore muscles, tense spots or applied to areas of the body with lymph nodes (feet, neck, collarbone, wrists, lower back) to gain herbal benefit. 
    5. As a fragrant smelling oil. I like to apply this before going out / on my pits as a natural perfume that doesn't contain irritating chemicals, rather natural essential oils.