Yay! Excited to offer our first garden blend tea. The homegrown ingredients in this tea are organically grown, sun-dried and then blended with our favourite green tea for a delciously refreshing tea served hot or cold, sweet or on it's own! 



  • Spearmint & peppermint: both hydrating and deodorizing for a sweaty summer soul. 
  • Purple sage + flower: balancing, a plant that purifies and centres the body. 
  • Catnip: a soothing plant that gently calms the nervous system and digestive tissue.
  • Calendula: a vibrant flower, supports our liver and is an analgesic (soothes aches & pains). 
  • Marjoram: sweet and beneficial for digestion. 
  • Gunpowder green tea: a detoxifier, known to stimulate and flush inflammatory waste. 


  • Spearmint", mojito mint", catnip", calendula*, purple sage leaf & flower", marjoram*, gunpowder green tea*. 


    "=Homegrown & organic

  • Best used with a mesh strainer versus a tea sachet to enjoy the most amount of flavour.

    Boil water and allow for it settle. Place loose tea into mesh strainer and cover with boiled water. Allow for it to steep 5 minutes with a lid. Strain and enjoy! Pleasant both hot or chilled, sweet or on it's own.

    Alternatively place loose tea in a pot of boiled water or tea pot of boiled water, steep 5minutes and strain into mug.