Our MUD MASK is just what your skin is looking for- a deep cleansing, mineral-dense and energizing blend of clay, fresh aloe, ACV and essential oils. 


  • Bentonite clay is rejuvenating for the skin. While wet it infuses the skin surface with minerals. Once dry it exfoliates removing impurities and uncovering a fresh new glow!
  • Ceylon cinnamon is a source of silica to boost skin collagen. 
  • Fresh aloe is soothing and hydrating.
  • Fresh apple cider vinegar resets the skins natural pH balance.
  • Sea salt a cleansing agent.
  • Essential oil blend to clear, exicte and uncover fresh new skin. 



  • Bentonite clay, local honey, apple cider vinegar, fresh aloe jelly,  cinnamon*, water, essential oils of lemon*, patchouli*, tea tree*.

    * = Organic