NATURE is HEALTH MUD MASK is just what your skin is looking for- a deep cleansing, mineral-dense and energizing blend of clay, fresh aloe, ACV and essential oils. 


  • Bentonite clay is rejuvenating for the skin. While wet it infuses the skin surface with minerals. Once dry it exfoliates removing impurities and uncovering a fresh new glow!
  • Ceylon cinnamon is a source of silica to boost skin collagen. 
  • Fresh aloe is soothing and hydrating.
  • Fresh apple cider vinegar resets the skins natural pH balance.
  • Sea salt a cleansing agent.
  • NATURE is HEALTH essential oil blend to clear, exicte and uncover fresh new skin. 



  • Bentonite clay, local honey*, homemade ACV*, fresh aloe jelly, Ceylon cinnamon*, water, essential oils of lemon*, patchouli*, tea tree*.


  • To be used 1-3 times per week, any more and you may risk over exfoliation!

    On a fresh face, (no make-up, preferably after cleansing with NATURE is HEALTH SOAP or NATURE is HEALTH TONERS), dampen skin with warmish water and pat dry. Apply NATURE is HEALTH MUD MASK, massaging in cicular motions and aim to cover entire face (omit eye region), you can also apply this mask on areas of the body, neck and scalp.

    Allow for the mask to fully dry, this should take about 15-20minutes. During this time try to relax and accept the nutrients bentonite clay has to offer, perhaps sip on one of our NATURE is HEALTH TEAS?

    Once the mask has dried, it should look lighter in color and feel tight on the skin, 'crack the mask'. To do so: smile and gently extend and stretch the skin with both muscles and hands, this is a gentle exfoliation to slough off immediate surface of the skin, including dead skin cells and impurities. Once the mask is cracked, apply a little warm water and massage the mask into a paste on your skin, this is a final surface exfoliation. 

    Rinse the mask off with fresh water and a splash of cool water to both chill inflammation and close your pores. Once skin has fully dried, (I usually do this before bed) try following up with one of our NATURE is HEALTH MOISTURIZERS.