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A nourishing antioxidant blend, easy to use. 
Shelf stable, powder form. 
Suitable for use 1-2 times per week. 
Get 20+ uses depending on how thick you like your mud. 
The tin contains 26g of powder.
Instructions are listed on the back of the tin for your convenience. 

Top uses
- Especially beneficial for acne prone skin, help to dry up excess oil to prevent infection
- To exfoliate for strong skin and prevent wrinkles / heal scar lines. 
- For soft, so soft to the touch type of skin. 
- For a nourished glow. Mud is filled with minerals. 


** please note redness is common after drying mud masks- especially if you crack and exfoliated deeply. This fades within minutes and will be followed up by a glow due to the increased circulation. Full results of skin improvement will be even more noticeable after a good nights sleep!

MUD MASK - Dry Powder, Clay Mask Exfoliant


    Bentonite clay, rhassoul clay, dehydrated beetroot & carrot powder, coconut shell charcoal, arrowroot powder. 


    - Add 1/4 tsp of powder into a dish.

    - Begin to add 1/4 tsp of water, stirring and adding more until you reach your desired consistency.

    - Apply to skin, we like to use a brush.

    - Allow for the mask to dry. This should take about ~10-15 minutes, depending on how thick you applied.

    - Smile and extend your face to crack the mask.

    - Add water and massage to exfoliate off dead skin.

    - Rinse clean. Use a soft cloth to help wash away the debris if you wish.

    - We like to use one of our gentle HAIR2TOE soaps. Don't forget to moisturize

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