Try each of our multi-use toners?


  • LIFT ME UP: a fresh booster. I like to use this toner in my hair, however it is versatile and can be used on skin as well. A great addition to the shower as this blend of herbs and essential oils adjusts the hair after a wash or in between washes to prevent itchy scalp. Freshen up flat hair with this saline-based toner for a more tousled beachy look. 


  • LAVENDER ROSE WATER: a floral spritz that will bring a smile to your face. This toner can be used after cleansing, before or after makeup to set. Long day that never ends? Mist you face & hair to hydrate. 


  • BREATHE WATER: a deep herby smell with eucalyptus. This toner is nice right before bed or even sprayed in your room. The ingredients are ideal for when you get clogged up and really need a fresh breath of air.