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I grew up an athlete, first playing competitive soccer and then onto volleyball. I went to university, studying health and physical education, playing for the varsity volleyball team, and later the varsity cross-country team. During university, I learned how to become a professional party animal and then at the time, a mild drug addict, I am a junky for a good time. 

During my summertime during school, I went out west and was a tree planter. Busting my ass and living in a tent. I learned a bunch about the outdoors and explored lands, falling in love with the great outdoors and some pretty cool people! After university, I was somewhat out of balance and confused about my nonexistent life plan, so I went to nutrition school and joined a holistic community filled with yoga and smoothies, and everything trendy. 

Moving to Hamilton, this was my first time all on my own- but with responsibilities. I had to keep food in the fridge and manage a household, while new to a city and not sure about what I was going to do about a career. Life as a laid-back hippy was over and it was time to figure out my role in this world! I worked in bars and sold beer to people in the stands at football games, I have a smile you'd want to tip ;) .. at this time I also applied to Canada Post and got a job as an on-call delivery agent. Once that picked up, I was able to quit my nightlife job and settle down! 


 When Brian and I first met, I was in a bit of a self-revolution- to say the least! Largely I had just begun a shift in my home. I made it a goal to eliminate unnecessary waste and to become more conscious of my dollar. At first, I started monitoring my use of plastics... then I learned about how mass agriculture can impact the land, and how certain reliant crops trigger cartel activity in parts of the world and then as I got the ball rolling I realized I wanted to stop supporting companies that sold me products with excess packaging and fake marketing, longggg ingredient labels, mysterious additives, unnecessary imported ingredients, synthetics, pesticides... jeeez maybe it was time to start making things myself? 

I began to experiment with homemade beauty, homemade cleaning products, and practicing how to traditionally preserve and produce my foods. This was the beginning of 'Sam's Wellness Blog'. How simple were things before commercialism and industrialism? These thoughts motivate me to try new things & write about them.

While I am passionate about experimenting, I understand others are not. This is why I am compiling our winning recipes and natural homemaking ideas for others to skip right to success!


I love feeling good about my ecological footprint and in control of my own health, and it is my goal for you to enjoy this website because the more curious, the bigger a ripple can grow :)

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