$55.00 mini (30min-1hr)

$100.00 full (would recommend for the first meeting)

How to Book

EMAIL ~ Sam.natureishealth@gmail.com

Appointment times are available evenings and weekends. 

Appointment Locations

Book your nutrition appointment at your nearest grocery store?

Travel cost will be taken into consideration! here are some common places I meet since they are in my neighbourhood or along my travel line to work:


  • The original Tim Horton's on Ottawa Street

    • 65 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8J 3Y9

  • Virtual / Phone-call

    • FaceTime / WhatsApp / Facebook Video / Skype 

  • Coffee Shop / Grocery Store / Farmer's Market ​​

    • Mullberry Coffee on James St.​

    • McDonald's at Dundurn 


Discussion Topics


  • Daily eating habits- be prepared with examples of what you have eaten the past 2 days. Our preliminary email will explain this. 

  • Macronutrients & micronutrients, are you getting enough vitamins and minerals? What about protein, carbohydrates and fat? Perhaps a feeling of imbalance is just an excess or deficiency of something.

  • Types of foods to try and recipes you may like. I am full of ideas and am well rehearsed in diet and food trends, that being said I have a traditional mindset. 

  • New brands to try and why they are a healthier choice. I like to support local brands and point our brands at the most common grocery stores you may of over-looked. 

  • New recipes to try, adjustments to what you are already doing. Sometimes the ball is already rolling, other times I am right there at the top of the hill setting it up with you. 

  • What's local in your neighbourhood, have you been to the market? I try to find some hot spots in your neighbourhood. 

  • "Superfoods" to specifically benefit you. Perhaps there is a type of food fantastic to balance your unique constitution, did you even know?

  • Food facts to enlighten you.​ Have a note book near because I will as much new information for you as you can absorb!