Sam's Story:

When Brian and I first met I was in a bit of a self-revolution. I had just began a shift in my home. I made it a goal to eliminate unnecessary waste and to be more conscious with my dollar. At first it started with monitoring my use of plastics...


... then I learned about how agriculture impacted our land, (animal and plants)...


... then I got the ball rolling and I realized I wanted to stop supporting companies that sold products with excess packaging, mysterious ingredient listings, imported ingredients, synthetics, crops that used too much water, crops that caused cartel activity, then there are pesticides.. jeeeeezzz... maybe I should just start making things myself? 


I began to experiment making homemade beauty, homemade cleaning products and practicing how to traditionally preserve and produce my foods. This was the beginning of Sam's Wellness Blog. 


I thought: to keep my home sustainable I wanted to be less reliant on others to create things for me.


How simple were things were before commercialism and industrialism? These thoughts are my motivation to try new things and write about it.

While I am passionate about experimenting, I understand others are not. This inspires me to collect winning recipes and natural homemaking ideas on for others to skip right to success.


I love feeling good about my ecological footprint and I feel strong when I am in control of my own health.


It is my goal for you to share these feelings too because the more of us there are, the bigger the ripple can grow!




 Quote of the Week 

You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.

The secret of your success is found in your daily routines.