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  • +$50 for a personalized flavor- all natural ingredients only! 

  • A minimal batch of 24. Contact us for more information regarding sizing and price per piece.  

  • Wrapping $0.50 cents per soap piece- you pick the ribbon colors. We wrap using kraft paper.  


  • Available in a clear/sheer drawstring bag (your color choice), drawstring burlap sack, or kraft box. 

  • You pick the price per bag/box and what type of products. Depending on the total number of gifts, we will size the products appropriately- keeping wholesale pricing in mind.

  • If you would like us to ship them individually to your giftees, $10 shipping on each Ontario resident, and $15 for out-of-province. We do not ship out of Canada at this point. For local Hamilton orders, please contact us as shipping may not be an extra cost. 

For all inquiries contact

Gift Bags
Perfect Party Favours

You choose the colours!

Perfect Party Favours

You choose the soap!

Personalized Gift Boxes
Personalized Soap

Do you have a party with a theme? Let us know and we can make a soap flavour just for you!

Bulk Orders

Wholesale pricing & smaller soap options available!

Mini Gift Bags

Let us know how much you would like to spend per bag & how many bags. We will fill according, as well as taking wholesale pricing into consideration.

Wrapped Soaps

A sweet little gift for your employees!

Wrapped Boxes

Virtual Wellness Presentations

Via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, etc. 

Includes a virtual presentation and questions/answers. Completely interactive. 

  • Employee Wellness Programs 

  • Corporate Wellness Programs 

  • Group Sessions on Specific Health Topics- split the cost with your friends!

Wholesale pricing for wellness goodie bags, message us for more details. 

Group Calls
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