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Healthy Smoothie


Brian and I like too boost our protein content, especially after work-outs or long work days. We primarily choose whey protein because it contains high levels of bioavailable amino acids, giving our body the quickest access to protein for muscle recovery and to heal and prevent injuries.

Whey and milk tastes delicious! Another go-to is a recovery shake: with whole milk yogurt, banana, berries & ground flax seed. A whey protein addition to the shake provides an easy 20+g of protein. 

The whey protein I choose is lactose-free, hormone-free and from pasture-raised cows. The whey powder is ultra filtered making it very smooth and delicious- it is sugar-free and sweetened with stevia.

The brand we recommend to our friends & family is Perfect Sports. They also just launched a vegan plant-based protein powder, which is also delicious!! I like to mix up my shakes with different types of protein powder because each of them have different amino acid level spectrums. This is demonstrated on the graph shown below- (which is copied from the company's website). 

For 20% off Perfect Sports products (I love the pre-workout too!) use our code Natuhealth20 at checkout. 

protein structure graph.png
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