Our Mission: 

To inspire a sustainable home with affordable solutions for an everyday lifestyle.

  • We aim to keep things simple, local (optimally homemade and homegrown), and related to season to keep your body in tuned with our current environment. 

    • Our blog contains both simple side recipes and full-blown meals. We do our best to make everything in our kitchen and to minimize the use of imported ingredients. ​When a chef and a nutritionist fall in love the meals are both healthy & flavourful. :) 

  • To share and review similar efforts to our own, such as new products and businesses we support because they are forward thinkers. We invest in companies that aim to reduce waste, the use of plastics, chemicals and synthetic ingredients. This is something we deem essential to maintain a sustainable home. 

What does the word sustainable mean to us?

defined by Merriam-Webster as: "of, relating to, or being a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged" 

When Brian and I first met I was in a bit of a self-revolution. I had just began a shift in my home. I made it a goal to eliminate unnecessary waste and to remove things that were not going to serve me long-term. At first it started with single-use plastics, like bringing my own shopping tote, switching to a reusable water bottle or coffee mug and bringing jars to bulk stores.


As I got the ball rolling I realized that in order to really reduce my footprint I had to stop relying on companies that sold products with excess packaging and instead I had to support those who were conscious of how they impacted both my body and the planet. Taking the knowledge I learned in school and applying it to the mass consumer market, I realized I could do better & for less! That inspired me to experiment making homemade beauty, homemade cleaning products and practicing how to traditionally preserve and produce my foods.


To keep a sustainable home it meant I had to be more self-reliant, and less reliant on others to create things for me. When I did shop out, I learned how to sniff-out all the bullsh*t marketing and rather share my dollar with artisans. I started a garden, turned off my AC, started shopping local produce, meats and dairy. This shift to purchasing with the season opened my eyes to what life is really like here in Ontario all year round. This lifestyle shift was eye-opening and has been positively reflective in my overall health.


How simple were things were before commercialism and industrialism? These thoughts are my motivation to try new things and write about it.

While I am passionate about experimenting with new recipes and homemaking, I understand others are not. This inspired me to collect all my winning recipes and feats on this website and particularly in my blog for others to skip right to success.


I love feeling good about my ecological footprint and feeling on top of and in control of my own health. It is my goal for you to feel this way too because the more of us there are out there the bigger the ripple can grow!




 Quote of the week 

"All diseases begin in the gut" -Hippocrates

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