Tea Container


Taste the Difference!
~These teas are blended with the highest quality non GMO and organic ingredients sourced from our favourite companies, local growers, wildcrafted and grown in the NIH garden.

Please note:
Tea batches will change and ingredient listings shift- but tea concepts remain the same.
For example: WIND IT DOWN tea will always contain relaxing herbs & will always be caffeine-free, because the tea is intended to help us wind down.

The ingredient listing shown on the product listing below is from the last time I updated this website- and I try to stay on top of it! That being said, if you are unsure, message me.

We drink these teas and that is why I mix up the ingredients, I like variety. As well, we use the freshest ingredients and therefore choose plants that are in season or of best quality at the time.

Thank you for understanding and cheers!