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  • Our blog contains both simple side recipes and full-blown meals, eco-friendly homemaking skills and nutrition tips to maximize health and reduce ecological footprint.


  • Brian went to chef school but he is not a professional chef, so please do your own research and use other references while applying the skills he discusses in his blog posts, also be safe with tools in the kitchen and to not attempt anything that you do not want to, he provides alternatives in each post. 

Nutrition Info & Appointments

  • Samantha went to nutrition school and studied the human body in university, but she is not a doctor. Please understand that the ideas we discuss in our blog are our perspective and are only meant to inspire and promote healthy living. Do not do anything that does not make you feel comfortable and always consult with your physicians if you are on medication or have specific lifestyle specifications. 

Our Product Line - @natureishealthproducts

  • Our product line is made with all natural ingredients, has no additives, chemicals or preservatives, but may come into contact with ingredients otherwise listed on the ingredient label (trace). Please be cautious if you have allergies. Reach out if you have specific concerns. 

  • Please be considerate and understand that our products are handmade and homemade, (with care and love), but are not perfectly manicured on a conveyor belt. Recipes may be adjusted and batches may be slightly different due to ingredients changing with the seasons, etc. 


There is not one. We do not take back products that have been purchased. If you have had a negative experience with one of our products please do not hesitate to contact us. Refunds may be issued depending on the situation, so please contact us immediately with any issues- product damages, delivery issues, etc. 

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