This tea is different. It isn't overly strong with a black tea flavour so I wouldn't recommend milk, that being said it is a darker, amber coloured tea and tastes delicious with honey. 


Sarsaparila root is a unique flavour, like caramel and vanilla. I blended with the deep undertones of chicory, the bitterness of calendula and dandelion, this tea is nice in the morning, much more hydrating than a coffee, yet still very energizing. 


  • Did you know that sarsaparilla is said to be euphoric and was the original root  in 'root beer', giving it that vanilla flavour? 
  • Did you know that sage is sacred amongst many traditional cultures?



  • Sarsaparilla*, chicory*& & dandelion root*&, sage*&, black tea blend*, calendula*& and marigold flowers*&. 


    &= Homegrown