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SUSTAINABILITY- what can we do?

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

What will save the most resources?

How can we make a difference?

It's more than just eating vegan foods! All the hype is about eating largely plant-based and vegan, but sustainability goes deeper than that.

I believe balance is key, and moderation is important!

A protein-rich diet containing a variety of whole foods, including animal foods, is both nutritious and beneficial for our local ecosystems.

Have you seen the Netflix series "Rotten"?

The documentary dives into the politics involved in some of the key crops (avocado, chocolate/cacao, milk, chickens, peanuts etc.) running our food industry. Some of our most prized foods are grown in countries that are running out of water, tearing down rainforests, use slavery to tend to the land and violence and gangs to monitor money flow. How much do we really think about those ideas when we shop for the cheapest price in the store?

Here are some tips we do in our home:

  • READ THE LABEL. Buy products made in-country and within the neighbourhood. These will naturally support your community's ecosystem and will keep travel costs low, and labour costs direct.

  • LOOK FOR GMO FREE. To protect our health and ecosystem eat GMO free hereby reducing chemicals used during agriculture and preserving.

  • LOOK FOR ORGANIC. This means that only the allowed substances have been used during agriculture and preserving (allowed substances are not allowed to be synthetic). Also ask around because organic certifications are expensive, therefore some farmers at your market might be using natural methods without the stamp.

  • CHECK FOR LABOUR LAWS. Look for the fair-trade and direct-trade markers on products to ensure that workers were paid according to their efforts. When companies signify this, usually they are conscious of their global impact as well as profit.

  • LOOK FOR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS. Logos like the rainforest alliance and bird-friendly signify the company complied to regulations that forbid deforestation and promote diversity. They monitor where waste is dumped and the impacts on the surrounding ecosystem.

  • LOOK FOR CRUELTY FREE. We can look for our bath, body, beauty products and clothing apparel. Means that no animals were tested on during the manufacturing of the product. If a product says 'vegan' that means there are no animal derived ingredients in the product.



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