Samantha Guyatt CNP, BPHE

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Holistic Nutritionist 

Postal Worker / Delivery Agent for Canada Post

Co-Owner of Nature IS Health


Graduate of:

  • The Institute of Holistic Nutrition

  • Brock University 


Samantha specializes in food and wellness advice for an active lifestyle. With both athletic, academic and clinical experience, the conversation is well rounded.


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Browse the ideas below and think about your lifestyle, what you are interested in learning and where you seek more conversation.

  • How to improve overall relationship with food.

  • How to achieve a 'healthier' lifestyle overall, including in the home & community.

  • How to improve athletic performanceheal and prevent injury.

  • Ideas to improve diet- such as how increase nutrient quality of everyday meals.

  • Ideas to improve meal preparation- such as how to adjust macronutrients to ensure you are getting enough quality protein, fat and carbohydrates for your lifestyle.

  • How to introduce more and select the healthiest plant & animal-based foods.

  • How to improve digestibility of your home cooked meals.

  • Learn new cooking techniques.

  • Learn new sustainable practices in the home. 

  • Explore new brands at your local shopping centers, favourite stores and online.

  • Learn about the best nutrient label/ingredient label reading techniques and what to look for on product packaging.

  • How to improve overall balance, energy, strength and health within the body. 


​The foods we eat impact the nutrients available for our body to perform it's everyday tasks. Everything we eat and consume through our skin and airways assimilates into fuel that our body can use to function at it's absolute best. Do you give your body access to everything it needs? This is the foundation of Samantha's nutrition discussions. "How can we improve and give the body access to everything it needs?"


When the body becomes out of balance, dis-ease occurs, and we can witness this as obvious (and less obvious) symptoms, aka messages/communication. The journey of health is learning how to listen to our own individual body, being able to identify it's unique messages to keep itself in balance, and allow it to thrive. Like a plant, we may droop if thirsty, we may change colour if we are getting too much of something or not enough of another. 


Below are a list of systems showing messages that they are out of balance. These changes in functionality may mean it is time to meet with a practitioner who specializes in naturopathy/nutrition/health & wellness coaching, etc.- someone who is wise to providing some guidance of how to return the body back to to it's natural state of balance and ease. 

  • Energy level fluctuations, depression, anxiety, mood swings. 

  • Irregular sleeping patterns, lack of sleep, insomnia, waking up frequently throughout the night. 

  • Dark circles under the eyes, thinning hair, headaches, acne, rosacea, eczema, rashes. 

  • Indigestion, gas, bloating, painful digestion, constipation, diarrhea. 

  • Muscle fatigue, re-occurring injuries, painful joints, arthritis, inflammatory aches/pain. 

  • Sinus infections, frequently ill, low or overactive immune system. 

  • Hormonal imbalance, PMS, fertility, menopause, fibroids, PCOS, erectile dysfunction, low lobito. 

  • Low vitamin and mineral levels in the body, like low iron, B12, etc. 

  • High & low cholesterol, triglyceride count, blood viscosity. 

  • Overactive & underactive thyroid, weight management.

  • Blood sugar regulation, cravings, insulin resistance.

Our goal here is to bring awareness to the art of listening to our body and learning about those messages.


If you would like some guidance, reach out to Samantha at

Here you can find our more about our nutrition appointments or direct you to another specialist in the community. 

Nutrition Appointments with Samantha, 


  • Discussion / interactive questions, answers and recommendations.

  • Follow-up PDF including an outline of discussion. A highlight of the top 5 recommendations/products/foods/lifestyle activities for you.

  • Coupon to our online store.




Due to the pandemic WE ARE ONLY offering virtual zoom & phone appointments, thank you for your understanding!


30 minutes - $45

1 hour - $85


Follow-up $20

Nature IS Health Nutrition REVIEWS


"Thank you for your lifestyle insight I have more motivation and confidence in myself" - Jenny


"Sam has taught me how easy and rewarding it is to make and eat GOOD food for your soul and body. I have always had an unhealthy relationship with food, and Sam has showed me to see food as a friend, not an enemy. I now think twice about what goes into my body, and have benefited from it by not experiencing the majority of my days bloated and gas-free! I would and have recommended many of my friends to Sam. Thank you so much for all your help!" - Carley

"I started a lifestyle change about 4 months ago I have lost 68 lbs and 6 inches off my waste , I was worried that I wasn’t getting the proper nutrition I needed withe weight loss , Sam has monitored my progression , introduced new food to my diet that not only helped in my weight loss , but also has made me more energetic and eased my mind , she is very passionate and knowledgeable about the field she serves." - Carey Cristoff

"Sam is so knowledge! She truly walks and talks her medicine! She is a great coach and is so approachable. I was nervous about what changes she might ask me to make but, she created a plan that was so easy for me to incorporate into my day-to-day!!! My energy is up and my recovery after exercise has improved since I made these changes!! :-)" - LT

"Sam has been able to help me make small changes to my diet that continue to provide me with positive results (I no longer have crazy sugar cravings!).  She is both knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and enjoys helping people.  If you have the chance to make an appointment, I strongly recommend her services!" - Kyle

"Samantha Guyatt is wonderful! She was extremely helpful in clearing up my skin problems, aiding in digestion and improving my sleep habits with proper nutrition. She provides many different outlets for people to improve their overall health and well-being and I found that very helpful when struggling with some of my everyday stubborn habits. I would highly recommend her services!" - Lauren

"Samantha has been super helpful! She is extremely knowledgeable. I have been seeing her as a client for several years and I am very happy with her work." - Sarah Q 

"Over the past few years Sam has been instrumental in establishing a much more sensible understanding of nutrition, remedial foods and supplementation, power foods, organics ... within directional context of my diet and general health. She is very centered to individual goals, easily addressing the required level of detail and depth as desired. Thanks for all the recommendations Sam ... food interactions, natural supplement interactions (don't forget the minerals lol), pro and value retail sourcing (and brands) for all products, including specialty products that have now become part of my everyday routine.
before Sam  after Sam" - Gerry M

"Sam is so knowledgeable when it comes to the subject of holistic nutrition. I always look forward to her informative blog posts. They keep me up to date!" - Jennifer

"I found Samantha to be very knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise.  She has helped me to set goals and organize my nutrition to meet them.  I have lost over 30 lbs and maintained most of my weight loss.  She has provided inspiration and motivation to eat sensibly and maintain a healthy and realistic life style.  Samantha has a passion for sharing tips regarding quality foods in terms of where to purchase and meal/snack preparation.  I have incorporated much of her wisdom into my daily habits and I am better for it!" - Helen Watling

"I learned so much in my session with Sam... and she's always available to answer my questions by text/call throughout the week!!" - Kaila 

"Has helped countless times over the years with health issues. Have learned many small health tips that have had significant benefits to my daily life... Much Appreciated!" - Ben

"A lot of info that has helped tremendously with my health- Thanks You!!!!!" - Alex

"I am so inspired to be healthier- thankyou!!!- Timmothy

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