Floral scent, lightweight and aromatically speaking, a spa experience :) This serum is an all-purpose hair and skin serum, and a great addition to your beauty collection. I especially like to apply this in the evening because the herbal infusion is very relaxing and the essential oil scent is dreamy. I use it head2toe! 


  • Cold-pressed Canadian sunflower oil, our floral blend- chamomile*, nettle*, horsetail*, dandelion*, hops*, lavender*, rose*. Blended with hemp*, jojoba*, sweet almond*, and castor oil*, essential oils of sandalwood champa*, lemon*, patchouli*.


  • One of our signature "hair2toe" products. Apply a dime sized amount onto hands, incorporate and then pat/massage into skin. Useful in hair and for oil cleansing. Beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.