Spring Blend Chamomile Serum is lighter and more moisturizing then our winter blend. Created for the up & coming hot weather when all we want is a little light and breathable coverage. ☝️An all-in-one herbal infused serum that is good on it's own!


Ideas for use: apply to skin after cleansing, apply to ends or roots to hair to nourish, can be used as a base for another moisturizer, such as our balm or waxes. Use via the 'oil cleansing method'- apply to dry skin, massage for 1-2minutes/roll with jade stone, steam with hot damp towel a few times and gently wipe excess oil from face leaving the face feeling refreshed and breathable! :)


  • Cold-pressed sunflower oil infused with (all organic) chamomile, calendula, hops, burdock, rose, cinnamon, ashwagandha, ginseng. Blended with sweet almond oil, castor & hemp oils. Essential oils of patchouli, lemon, lavender & tea tree.