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Aroma is floral, with a zing and musk. Flower serum is our top selling hair and face serum.


Flower Serum Benefits:

  • Herbal infusion calms redness.
  • Non-comedogenic oils.
  • Organic essential oils. 
  • Natural glow / hair shine.


HOW TO USE: Apply 1/2-1 dropper amount onto hands, incorporate, then apply to face, scalp and ends of hair.  



For the (2) 1oz serums selection: please write in the order comments if you want 2 of the same serum, or a mix n' match with another NIH serum in stock. 



    Local sunflower oil, herbal infusion- calendula, lavender, hops, yarrow, chaga mushroom, rose, jojoba oil, castor oil, organic essential oils: patchouli, lemon, clove, black peppercorn, lavender.

  • Organic Plants:

    Sourced from organic Canadian suppliers and local farmers and largely from the Nature IS Health garden- where we do not spray any chemicals. I harvest the plants, air dry them and process them into infused herbal oils that we then add into our products, or add them into tea blends, or decorate our soaps/gift boxes.

  • Product Life:

    We make small batches and use minimal additional oils/essential oils. The product is long-lasting and a little bit goes a long way. For longer shelf life please store in a cool, dark environment. Always use clean hands when accessing the product and keep sealed. 

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