Spring Blend CHAMOMILE SERUM is lighter and more moisturizing then our original blend. ☝️An all-in-one floral & herbal infused serum that works as a moisturizer, oil cleanser, make-up remover and anti-inflammatory remedy. Along with the support we feel from our customers enjoying the beauty and cosmetic benefit from CHAMOMILE SERUM, I have heard great response about this product clearing scars, nourishing the skin, promoting hair growth and healing both wounds and sunburns.


Here are my favourite ways to use this multi-purpose oil:

  • My super lazy morning routine includes using our CHAMOMILE SERUM as an oil cleanser. To do this I massage my face with a little oil and then splash water and massage, very refreshing first thing in the morning! 
  • Paired with our SUNSHINE FACEWASH, I find the duo work well to remove make-up after a night out. I first massage my face with CHAMOMILE SERUM to loosen grime and makeup and then cleanse. For heavy water-proof mascara, a little added coconut oil around the eye area works well! 
  • Another way I really enjoy our CHAMOMILE SERUM is supporting the health of my hair. Up until this part in my life I dyed, chopped and straightened the juice out of my hair. Since I began to use a natural product routine I have been able to let my hair grow! :) . Castor oil and our floral infusion were chosen because they are nutritious for hair as well as skin.


I created this blend because I wanted it to be a multi-purpose product. My goal was for our CHAMOMILE SERUM to be a no-brainer pack when going on a trip, trusting it would be of benefit to my whole body and as a remedy if need be. 


How to do a traditional DEEP oil cleanse: apply CHAMOMILE SERUM to dry skin, massage for 1-2minutes/roll with jade stone, steam with hot damp towel a few times and gently wipe excess oil from face leaving the face feeling refreshed and breathable! :)


  • Cold-pressed Canadian sunflower oil infused w/ calendula*, chamomile*, nettle*, horsetail*, dandelion*, hops*, lavender*, rose*. Blended with hemp*, jojoba*, sweet almond* and castor oil*, sandalwood champa*, lemon* & patchouli* essential oil. * = Organic