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A spin on our Shea Tallow Melt- except this version is made with our homegrown ganja + herb infused oil. 


Compared to the Ganja Balm, our Herbal Whipped Cream is easier to spread, instead of cocoa butter, we use tallow. So it is less of a balm and more like a cream. I personally like and use both products, I favour the Herbal Cream more in the winter since it is a mega moisturizer due to the animal fat. 



    * = Organic | " = Organic Homegrown

    ✮ Pasture-raised tallow

    ✮ Fair-trade shea butter*

    ✮ Fair-trade cacao butter

    ✮ Local beeswax

    ✮ Local sunflower oil infused with homegrown herbal infusion- ganja", nettle", mugwort*, calendula", chamomile", hops", dandelion", marigold", yarrow", rosehips*

    ✮ Castor oil*

    ✮ Essential oils: cypress*, lemongrass*, tea tree*, eucalptus*, clove*, peppermint*, rosemary*.


    Massage onto joints, skin, feet and areas with lymph nodes for a calming anti-inflammatory effect. 

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